L-High Speed ABA/AB Film Blowing Machine

Short Description:

High Speed ABA/AB Film Blowing Machine is mainly suitable for produce 1000-1200mm film. This machine adopts ABA three-layer co-extrusion technology and can produce high-quality composite films with excellent physical properties and high transparency. It is widely used in the packaging, agriculture, and construction industries.





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Width of the film



Thickness of the film

HDPE:0.008-0.08mm  LDPE:0.02-0.15mm




According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Raw material


Diameter of screw



L/D ratio of screw

32:1 (With force feeding)  

Gear box

173# *2

180# *2

Main motor



Die diameter


Φ150/ 250mm 

Above parameters only for reference,could be customized according to customer needs,detailed data pls check actual object

Product Description

For the production line of ABA film blowing machine, two main motors provide three-layer extrusion. One main machine provides the inner and the outer coating layers, and the other main machine provides the inner filling layer. It can achieve the goal of reducing the number of main machines, cost, and consumption, and saving energy.

ABA film blowing machine adopt three-layer co-extrusion technology, with recycled materials used in the middle layer to improve production efficiency and achieve resource recycling.

Energy Saving and Efficient: The device adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which significantly reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

Stable and Reliable: The device adopts a high-precision mechanical structure and an electronic control system that is stable and reliable, providing a stable and smooth operation during production.

Flexible and Customizable: The device can be customized to meet the production needs of different industries.

The ABA film blowing machine adopt SACM 645 screw, and the screw L/D ratio adopt 32:1. All machine adopt super high speed screw with force feeding.

These features ensure that the machine delivers reliable and consistent performance while minimizing energy consumption, reducing your operating costs.In conclusion,our Film Blowing Machine delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the competition.

We are committed to providing products and services that meet your unique customer requirements, ensuring your maximum productivity, profitability, and success in your industry.

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  • Optional device:

    Automatic Hopper Loader

    Film Surface Treater

    Rotary Die

    Oscillating Take Up Unit

    Two Stations Surface Winder


    Heat Slitting Device

    Gravimetric Dosing Unit

    IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling Computer Control System)

    EPC(Edge Position Control)

    Electronic Tension Control

    Manual mechanics screen changer

    Edge material recycling machine

    1. The whole machine is square structure

    2. Traction inverter control, host frequency conversion control, (optional fan frequency control, winding frequency control) 100% inverter motor + frequency converter control

    3. Full enclosed overtemperature cooling device

    4. Brand Industrial electricity

    5. Lambdoidal board

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