Principle of film blowing machine

The plastic blown film machine is a kind of equipment that can heat and melt the plastic particle material to form a melt, and then extrude the melt from the die head by extrusion and make a film after blowing and cooling. The main components of the blown film machine are There are motors, screws and barrels, die heads, foam stabilizers, herringbone plates, traction, winding, etc.

The common production process of PE plastic film blowing machine is to put dry polyethylene (referred to as PE) granular material into the hopper first, and the particles slide from the hopper into the barrel by gravity, and after contacting the thread of the screw in the barrel, the rotating . The screw uses the vertical thrust of its inclined surface to push the particles forward. During the pushing process, there will be friction between the particles, the screw and the barrel, and there will be collision friction between the particles. This type of friction will produce At the same time, the outside of the barrel also has a heater to work and provide heat, and the polyethylene granular material is melted under the joint action of internal heat and external heat. The molten material passes through the screen changer to filter the impurities and flows out from the die, and then it is cooled, blown, drawn and rolled up and finally made into a cylindrical finished film.

In order to meet the special functional requirements of some film packaging materials, a variety of materials with different characteristics such as breathability, waterproof, heat preservation, toughness, etc. are generally mixed and manufactured together in the production process. This type of plastic film has multiple functions. It could meet the needs of different industries.
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Post time: Mar-13-2023