P-High Speed HD/LD Film Blowing Machine

Short Description:

This HD/LD film blowing machine is designed for the production of less than 700mm plastic film, mainly suitable for the production of various shopping bag film.





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Width of the film



Thickness of the film

HDPE:0.008-0.08mm  LDPE:0.02-0.15mm




According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Raw material


Diameter of screw



L/D ratio of screw

32:1(With force feeding)

Gear box



Main motor



Die diameter



Above parameters only for reference,could be customized according to customer needs,detailed data pls check actual object

Product Description

The HD/LD film blowing machine is popular with plastic shopping bag manufacturers. This machine site requirements are simple, plant height is easy to achieve. Siemens motor and famous gear box are adopted to help the machine reduce energy consumption.The screw is customized double alloy high speed and high plastic screw. The screw is equipped with water cooling device to maximize the output of the machine. Screw warranty is 5 years. Screw length-diameter ratio is 32:1. Screw heating all use independent ceramic heating, to ensure the temperature of each area.
At the same time, the high speed HD/LD film blowing machine adopts Taiwan quality high performance double duct air ring/three duct air ring and the same quality well-known brand wind ring for heat dissipation. Die head selection of 40Cr forging precision machining tempering treatment, long-term heat is not easy to deformation. (mold deformation is easy to cause uneven thickness); Five axis linkage machining center one molding, higher accuracy. Finally, the winding adopts automatic discharge, adopts Siemens brand high quality frequency conversion motor, equipped with air boom shaft conveying arm. The winding machine adopts full tension control system, and the winding motor adopts servo motor control, which has high energy saving rate and higher precision.The high speed HD/LD film blowing machine is easy to install and integrate into existing production lines with minimal downtime. Its high yield rate and superior product quality make it ideal for mass production, enabling producers to maximize profits. Overall, high speed HD/LD film blowing machine is a practical machine that can efficiently and reliably deliver high quality production output.

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  • Optional device:

    Automatic Hopper Loader

    Film Surface Treater

    Rotary Die

    Oscillating Take Up Unit

    Two Stations Surface Winder


    Heat Slitting Device

    Gravimetric Dosing Unit

    IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling Computer Control System)

    EPC(Edge Position Control)

    Electronic Tension Control

    Manual mechanics screen changer

    Edge material recycling machine

    • 1. The whole machine is square structure2. Traction inverter control, host frequency conversion control, (optional fan frequency control, winding frequency control) 100% inverter motor + frequency converter control3. Full enclosed overtemperature cooling device4. Brand Industrial electricity5. Lambdoidal board6.Ceramic heater

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