O-High Speed HD/LD Film Blowing Machine

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The high speed HD/LD film blowing machine is designed for producing less 1200mm plastic film .With its superior performance and efficiency, it is the perfect choice for industries seeking to optimize their production output.




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Width of the film



Thickness of the film

HDPE:0.008-0.08mm  LDPE:0.02-0.15mm




According to different width, thickness of film,die size and raw material characteristics to change
Raw material


Diameter of screw



L/D ratio of screw 32:1 (With force feeding)
Gear box



Main motor



Die diameter



Above parameters only for reference,could be customized according to customer needs,detailed data pls check actual object

Product Description

High speed HD/LD film blowing machine choose most suitable spares.Firstly, this machine adopts Siemens motor 100% authentic three-phase frequency conversion speed regulating motor, equipped with inverter control, international brand manufacturing which has higher accuracy and energy saving.Gear box adopting a dedicated hard tooth surface national standard reducer for extrusion machines, with a universal model and easily replaceable accessories.Adopting an internal and external oil circulation system.Oil pump with lubricates bearings to increase their service life.Gear box equipped with a cooling plate to reduce the heat generated during the operation of the gearbox, thereby achieving a cooling effect.Gear box with filter can filter lubricating oil magazine, ensuring the clarity of the oil.Second, the screw adopts customized dual alloy high-speed, high- plasticity screw, and the screw is equipped with water cooling device to maximize the machine output. The screw with 5 years warranty.And the screw L/D ratio is 32:1.Screw heating all adopt separate ceramic heating to guarantee each zone temperature. And separate ceramic heating with longer lifetime, If one zone damage, only change the one broken, no need changer all, save the production cost at a certain time.
Meantime,machine adopt Taiwan quality high-performance double duct wind ring/triple air duct wind ring and well-known brand wind ring of the same quality are used for cooling. Die head choose using 40Cr forging for precision machining and tempering treatment, long-term heating is not easy to deform. Finally,this machine winder adopts automatic discharge which adopts Siemens brand high-quality frequency conversion motor and is equipped with a gas rising shaft conveyor arm. The winding adopts the full tension control system, and the winding motor adopts servo motor control, which has high energy saving rate and ensures higher accuracy.

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  • Optional device:

    Automatic Hopper Loader

    Film Surface Treater

    Rotary Die

    Oscillating Take Up Unit

    Two Stations Surface Winder


    Heat Slitting Device

    Gravimetric Dosing Unit

    IBC(Internal Bubble Cooling Computer Control System)

    EPC(Edge Position Control)

    Electronic Tension Control

    Manual mechanics screen changer

    Edge material recycling machine

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